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About the festival

What is it?

al|together is a festival of translated free novel games.

For translators, it provides an irresistible challenge: take a work, of any length, and localise it in just 31 days. And for the audience, it presents a rare opportunity to see some of the finest noncommercial works in this vibrant and varied genre opened up to a wider readership.

Last year’s inaugural festival was an unqualified success, ultimately producing eight translations. And that was organised on a whim: there was almost no notice given, and none of the participants had much idea what would be involved. This year, let’s build on that experience to stretch ourselves further, to enjoy an even wider variety of titles and styles, and to further enrich the stock of titles available to move and inspire the English-speaking world.

If you want to know more about al|together, you might like to have a look at last year’s site – not only to read about how the festival came to be in the first place, but also, if you have not yet done so, to play some of the works we translated. Thus ‘by our fruits ye shall know us.’

When is it?

al|together 2006 ran from July 19th to August 18th, inclusive.

— explicit descriptio festi —