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About the game

Author: Quadrenniale
Translator: Ben Carter (translation website)
Genre: Talking animal ADV
System: ONScripter (usage & troubleshooting)
ONScripter is licensed under the GNU GPL. Full source code for this version is here.

All cats have opinions, but few get to speak their minds. Don-kichi, however, can talk, and he has a tale to tell – of his mistress Aki, and of the one discovery that could threaten their life together...

Picture of Ben Carter

Ben Carter’s free talk

Visual Novels are like augmented books – able to draw on the most useful devices from cinema, games and audio drama, yet not constrained to presenting their vision through any one of those mechanics. They represent the ability to take the most powerful emotions carefully crafted story-weaving can inspire, and magnify those a hundredfold with light and sound.

In some ways, the relative obscurity of the medium is also a blessing, making experimentation and creative freedom commonplace, as opposed to the focus on high production values and slick presentation seen in many other areas of entertainment.

Oh, and they frequently include acts of extreme moe. That’s important too. ^-^

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