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ONScripter for hallucinate: usage & troubleshooting

About this page

Most users will not need to read this page. You should just be able to install and run ONScripter games normally. However, if you experience any problems, this page should be your first port of call before you move on to request support from the al|together team.

Customised interpreter

To support the special effects used in the game hallucinate, we were forced to modify ONScripter. In accordance with the terms of the GNU GPL, full source code to our modified version is available.

The customisation is specific to hallucinate; this special version should not be used to run other games. Even other games that rely on the same special effects will not work properly with this version unless it is modified further to generalise the hack.

Windows Vista issues

All the games we are distributing have been tested and confirmed to be fully playable in Windows Vista, but since they do not contain specific Vista support, you may encounter certain issues if you install the game to the default location, or anywhere else in Program Files:

If these issues bother you, you can avoid them by installing the game in a folder outside Program Files; alternatively, you can remove saved games and settings manually when uninstalling the game.

Playing on Linux

Please note that ONScripter expects to be able to write saved games and other settings to the directory that contains the game data. In other words, nice clean installs to /usr/local/share/games will not work unless you run the executable with potentially-dangerous privileges. It is recommended that you install the game within your home directory structure instead.

Playing on unsupported platforms

The ‘Linux’ packages can be used to play ONScripter games on any platform. The onscripter file provided is a statically-linked x86 Linux binary; if it does not work for you, or if your platform does not support Linux binaries, you can simply replace it with a binary compiled for your specific platform and/or distribution to play the game.

Most precompiled ONScripter binaries are for Japanese games, so they will probably not have the English text support enabled. The safest approach is therefore to compile your own binary. Source code for the most recent English version of ONScripter is available from insani’s site. You will also need a C++ compiler, GNU Make, and development versions of the libjpeg, bzip2, SDL, SDL_image, SDL_gfx, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, and SMPEG libraries installed; ready-to-use packages for these are available for most operating systems. Edit Makefile.linux.insani to select settings appropriate for your platform (you may want to remove the -static flag from the linker options) and execute make to build, then copy the resulting onscripter executable into the game directory and execute it.

Note that the considerations in ‘Playing on Linux’ above will also apply on most other platforms.

If you’re not a technical type, or if you can’t get this working, we will of course be glad to help you with any compilation difficulties you may encounter!

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