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Summer, Cicadas, and the Girl



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• This game requires a Japanese environment. Please read this for details.

About the game

Author: KaTana
Translator: Shii
Genre: Mystery/romance
System: KiriKiri 2 / KAG 3 (usage & troubleshooting)

Boy meets girl. Boy wants to meet girl again, and arranges a date. Girl doesn't show up.

Saito’s pretty sure she was interested too, so he’s not just going to give up. All he has to do is figure out what happened to her...

Picture of Shii

Shii’s free talk

I’d like to thank KaTana for giving me, a complete stranger, his permission to translate this game. This is among the shortest visual novels yet localized, but the creative impulse and well-developed character of Kokonoka shines through.

You’d think I could just say that and move on, but in fact it had a direct influence on my life. A few months after translating this game, with the quirky memory of Kokonoka’s pocketwatch still fresh in my mind, I purchased one for myself. In November I began NaNoWriMo with the need for a dynamic encounter to get things moving, and his combination of a normal guy and a weirdly named, energetic girl must have unconsciously stuck in my memory, because that’s exactly what my novel turned out to be about!

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